What To Consider When Hiring A Roofer

Getting a new roof fixed over your home or building is a major investment. New roofing may be as a result of unforeseen circumstances or maybe just improving the look of your structure. It is not an easy process and will call for one researching on the type of roof they want to fix and the cost as well. When hiring a roofer, several things need to be considered.

What to consider when hiring a roofer


3456yutretrRoofers will always have names of their satisfied clients. They will use these people as referrals to get more work. This means that they ought to have done good quality work. One should ask for recent clients and not more than three years ago. These clients will serve as your evidence of good quality done. One can also examine how their work will look like after some time. If the work was done is not satisfactory, one can move on to the next roofer.

Who does the work?

One should find out what the roofer’s team looks like. The team should be a group of experts who will ensure that quality roofing work is done. The roofer should not be out to work with anyone who is not skilled for this kind of work. If the roofer subcontracts the workers, then there should be a valid contract for the same.


Insurance is necessary for any works being done. The roofer should have ensured his workers. Besides that, they should also ensure that their client is insured in case any damages occur to the client’s property or those around the client. One should always demand to see the insurance cover of the roofer to see to what extent they are covered in case of damages. The insurance policy should be valid and should cover the whole time they will do work at your place.

Communication skills

The roofer should have good communication skills. They should also be knowledgeable about the work they do. This means that they should be in a position to answer all your questions regarding the roofing. The mastery of their work comes with the experience they have garnered over the years fixing different kinds of roofs. Poor communication may lead to misunderstandings hence the client may not be satisfied with the roofing work done.

Guarantee and warranty

A roofer should have a guarantee on the work they are doing. The roofing materials come with a warranty, but installation of the roof is not covered. One should ensure they have a written guarantee from the roofer that they will handle any problems arising from the installation of the roof.6576iohgjy65

A contract

It is important to have a written contract. The contract should give details of the work and all the costs for the work. It will also include the kind of roof being installed, the dates for work commencement and expected delivery time. this is a security measure since one will have something to refer to in case the roofer does not honor their end of the contract.