Advertise With Us

Advertise With Us

Perani Arena Marquee
Our permanent signs will measure 3� x 12�. The other advertisement possibility is the 32,000 color display Area which measures 65� x 176�. This advertisement has the capability to display your logo in full color with a display time of 10 seconds or more.

More Marquee Info

Arena Signage
Located above the arena seating, this permanent signage is impossible to miss. There are two sizes available, 6� x 9� and 8� x 16�.

Lobby Billboards
Located all around our 8,000 sq. ft. lobby, these billboards measure about 10�x 3�.

Back Lit Concourse Signage
Located on the walls of our concourse these signs measure 3�x 4�.

For information on these and other great advertising opportunities please contact:
Darren Cooper (810)-744-0580
Mike Palma (810) 744-0580

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